TCA-BTA Thermocouple

TCA-BTA Thermocouple

542,08 kn + PDV

A simple and rugged sensor designed to measure temperature in the range of –200ºC to 1400ºC. Low cost and a wide temperature range make the Thermocouple an economical, versatile temperature sensor.


This sensor uses type-K thermocouple wire to measure temperatures in the range of -200 to 1400˚C. It can be used to measure flame temperatures as high as 1400˚C, or liquid nitrogen temperatures at -196˚C. The Thermocouple has an internal ice-point compensation chip, so you do not need to place a reference wire in an ice-water bath. You can simply use one measuring lead to take temperature readings. Each Thermocouple is individually calibrated.


  • Typical Accuracy:
    • 0ºC to 900ºC: ±2.2º
    • –200ºC to 0ºC: ±5ºC
    • 900ºC to 1400ºC: ±15ºC
  • Power: 11 mA @ 5 VDC
  • Typical Resolution: 0.40ºC


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