LQ-MINI LabQuest Mini

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LQ-MINI LabQuest Mini

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LabQuest Mini is a powerful, affordable, and easy to use sensor interface for computer-based data collection.

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LabQuest Mini brings the power of Vernier’s award-winning LabQuest technology to teachers who don’t need the versatility of a standalone device. The perfect solution for educators collecting data with a Windows or Macintosh computer, LabQuest Mini works with Logger Pro 3Logger Lite, or Graphical Analysis 4 software for unparalleled power, analysis, and curricular support.

Key Features

  • 100 kHz maximum sampling rate gives you the unrivaled power of Vernier’s LabQuest interface.
  • Five sensor ports give you the flexibility to choose from over 70 compatible sensors.


  • Computer connection: USB 2.0 Full Speed
  • Maximum sampling rate: 100,000 samples per second
  • Analog inputs: 3
  • Digital inputs: 2
  • Power is supplied by the USB port of the computer—auxiliary AC power or batteries are not required


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