Lighting training stand

Lighting training stand

Fully functional lighting training system is installed in a mobile aluminum frame.

The educational training board is based on VW/AUDI components.

The training board-simulator is a great educational tool that allows students to learn the structure of lighting system, study its components, and perform various measurements, tests and other diagnostic procedures.



Technical specifications and functions
·         Electric wiring diagram with built – in banana plug jumpers for measurements and connecting or disconnecting the components;

  • Open contacts for measuring of system’s components and circuits;
  • Diagnosis through OBD (J1962) 16 – pin diagnostic connector (Dashboard only);
  • Adjustable beam levels with the motors of front headlights;
  • Possible adjustments training with the headlight tester (optional);


Diagnostic and measurement


·         Ability to measure electrical signal parameters of system component





Control unit diagnosis


·         Diagnosis through OBD (J1962) 16–pin diagnostic connector

·         Electronic control unit (ECU) identification

·         Reading/erasing fault codes

·         Displaying the operating system parameters (live data)

·         Activating the actuators (Depends on the control unit)



·         The stand has a closed structure– internal wiring is not visible

·         Power supply: 12V from the battery (optional )

·         Dimensions approx.: (HxLxW) 1820x1360x500mm

·         Nett weight approx.: 60 Kg

·         Made in Lithuania

·         CE certificate


Optional accessories


·         12 V battery

·         220/12 V Power supply unit

·         Automotive oscilloscope

·         OBD diagnostic scan tool



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