KW-TUN Wind Tunnel

KW-TUN Wind Tunnel

This competition-grade wind tunnel includes everything you need to build your own wind tunnel for testing larger student wind turbines.

This product has a 4-6 week lead time. 

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This is the same wind tunnel used at KidWind Challenges around the U.S. It is easy to build and can be easily disassembled for storage.

This wind tunnel has a 48 in x 48 in interior for placement of the wind turbine being tested. The average wind speed is 3.6 m/s at a distance of 30 cm within the opening.

This kit was primarily created to make it easier and more affordable for teams or locations to engage with the nationwide KidWind wind turbine design competition, the KidWind Challenge. It is not intended for testing airfoils or exploring the aerodynamics of vehicles of any type.


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