FWV-E Forensics w/ Vernier – Electronic

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FWV-E Forensics w/ Vernier – Electronic

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Forensics with Vernier is for teachers who wish to introduce their students to forensics using engaging and realistic laboratory activities with Vernier probeware.

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Table of Contents

Experiment Suggested Products
1 Tracks of a Killer No probeware used
2 Bouncing Back Motion Detector
3 Name That Tune Microphone
4 Making Cents of Math: Linear Relationship between Weight and Quantity Dual-Range Force Sensor
5 The Ink is Still Wet Colorimeter
6 Measuring Momentum Motion Detector
7 Drug Tests pH Sensor, Conductivity Probe
8 No Dumping pH Sensor, Conductivity Probe
9 Killer Cup of Coffee Colorimeter
10 Dropped at the Scene No probeware used
11 Ashes to Ashes Stainless Steel Temperature Probe (2)
12 Hit and Run Motion Detector
13 Life in the Fast Lane Dual-Range Force Sensor
14 Chill Out: How Hot Objects Cool Stainless Steel Temperature Probe



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