EPV-E Eng Projects w/ LabVIEW – Electronic

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EPV-E Eng Projects w/ LabVIEW – Electronic

488,40  + PDV

Introduce engineering concepts and programming with 12 projects about feedback and control, servo and stepper motors, and more.

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Table of Contents

Experiment Suggested Products
1 Build a Temperature Sensor Surface Temperature Sensor, Breadboard Cable (Analog)
2 Digital Control Systems Surface Temperature Sensor, Digital Control Unit
3 LED Color Mixer Digital Control Unit
4 Hot Wire Anemometer Digital Control Unit, Surface Temperature Sensor
5 DC Motor Control Digital Control Unit, Photogate
6 Light Intensity & Stepper Motors Digital Control Unit, Light Sensor
7 Servo Motors Digital Control Unit, Photogate
8 Analyzing the Heart with EKG Digital Control Unit, EKG Sensor
9 Blood Pressure Blood Pressure Sensor, Digital Control Unit
10 Strain Gage Measurements Instrumentation Amplifier, Breadboard Cable (Analog)
11 Propeller-Powered Pendulum Digital Control Unit, Power Amplifier, Rotary Motion Sensor
12 PID Ping Pong Ball Levitation Motion Detector, Power Amplifier, Digital Control Unit



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