DTS-ECB DTS Eddy Current Brake

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DTS-ECB DTS Eddy Current Brake

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The Eddy Current Brake attaches to the end of your Go Direct Sensor CartStandard CartPlunger Cart, or Motion Encoder Cart to create an electromagnetic drag.

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Eddy current brakes are used as a braking system for high speed trains and roller coasters. Recreate this unusual braking system in your classroom or laboratory by installing our Eddy Current Brake into the end cap of a Go Direct Sensor CartMotion Encoder CartStandard Cart, or Plunger Cart. As the cart moves over the track, the magnets in the Eddy Current Brake create an electromagnetic drag on the cart that is proportional to the cart’s speed.

The Eddy Current Brake can be used in a variety of experiments:

  • Investigate the relationship between induced drag and the number of magnets and their position in the brake.
  • Compare the braking force created by the brake to that of our Friction Pad.

Note: The Eddy Current Brake is not compatible with our older metal dynamics carts that were part of the Vernier Dynamics Systems sold from 2005–2012.


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