DCU-PLUG DCU Terminal Plug kit

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DCU-PLUG DCU Terminal Plug kit

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This kit contains four detachable screw terminal plug connectors for the Vernier Digital Control Unit (DCU) and one precision-slotted screwdriver.

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The screw terminal plug connector is a detachable wiring plug for your DCU. The DCU is shipped with one plug, but it may be useful to have extras. Store your favorite projects with the electronics wired to their own plug and save time by not having to rewire them. When you are ready to pull it off the shelf, you can simply plug it into the DCU and run your project. In addition, you may want your students to be able to work on individual projects and share a DCU. Simply connect the plug when it is time to test or present each project.

This kit includes four detachable plug connectors and one precision screwdriver that works with the small screws of the terminal plug.


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