CFA Centripetal Force Apparatus

CFA Centripetal Force Apparatus

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The Centripetal Force Apparatus allows you to investigate the relationship between centripetal force, angular velocity, mass, and radius.

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force sensor measures the centripetal force exerted on a mass as it moves in a circle. A photogate can be used to measure the angular speed. Different masses can be added to the platform and positioned at variable radii. The platform can be driven by a falling mass. The apparatus also accommodates the Vernier Wireless Dynamic Sensor System or Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor to measure force, which provides the best set of data. Sensors are sold separately.


This apparatus does not include the necessary sensors. Here are sensors and combinations of sensors that can be used:

Dual-Range Force Sensor and Photogate
Go Direct Force and Acceleration
Dual-Range Force Sensor and Go Direct Photogate


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