BT-ARD Vernier Interface Shield

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BT-ARD Vernier Interface Shield

325,60  + PDV

The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield provides a convenient way to make connections from Arduino microcontrollers to Vernier sensors.

The Interface Shield also includes the Vernier Coding Activities with Arduino: Analog Sensors e-book at no additional cost*, providing engaging coding activities to get started.

*E-book is available at no additional cost for new Interface Shield orders.

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Vernier Arduino Interface Shield

  • 2 analog sensor ports (BTA sockets)
  • 2 digital sensor ports (BTD sockets)
  • Reset button
  • General-purpose button
  • Indicator LED
  • Includes a multiplexer to allow auto-ID to work on both channels (both analog and digital)

Supported Microcontrollers

  • SparkFun Arduino RedBoard
  • Arduino UNO
  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Intel Galileo


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